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Caring For You

We can manage your project, install your solution and support your current services.

Being a specialist in care means that we understand your needs and tailor our approach. We know that resident safety is paramount and our friendly approach means that we are less intrusive when works are happening.

We love the satisfaction of knowing we have made a difference to your care home. Our services help:

Residents connect with their families better and feel less isolated from the outside world.

They allow you to access to most up to date hardware, software and technology so you can run more efficiently. Saving costs and providing better care.

Audio Visual Equipment | Digital Signage | Interactive Displays
Audio Visual Equipment | Digital Signage | Interactive Displays

Helping You Keep Up With Technology

Keeping up with technology is more important than ever with the big BT switch off pending in 2025. Many care homes are still using traditional copper networks for their  telephone and internet connections, but this will no longer be possible soon. It’s incredibly important to implement cloud phone systems before this date otherwise calls, connectivity and other services will not be possible. This can include alarm systems too.

Digital signage and sign-in systems have become increasingly popular for keeping a digital record of visitors.

CQC are also aiming to have all records digitised so by upgrading your system you can help meet their targets and affect your CQC rating.

Currently only 1 in 5 care homes offer free Wi-Fi for residents and guests. You can stay ahead of the curve by upgrading or installing a new system.

Services We Provide

  • Wi-Fi solutions
  • Network cabling and infrastructure
  • Audio visual
  • CCTV/Security/Door access
  • Electrical
Audio Visual Equipment | Digital Signage | Interactive Displays

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