The importance of Wi-Fi in care homes

The importance of Wi-Fi in care homes

Why is strong, reliable Wi-Fi important to care homes?

I can actually give first hand experience of this. Many years ago I was project managing a large install of network cabling and Wi-Fi into a private care home. The home had considerable signal issues so using data on mobiles was a nightmare. It meant that using software, messaging or simply anything internet based was impossible to use.

So the owners decided enough was enough and it was time to invest in Wi-Fi. The trickiest part of this install was that the building was old. Beautiful, but old. This meant cabling in loft spaces, using modern containment to keep things looking aesthetically pleasing and some thinking outside of the box. However, all these things were manageable, ultimately once installed, you have a infrastructure that’s also future proof.

I am used to delivering projects on small and large budgets. This project was probably somewhere in the middle. We used standard cabling, good quality Wi-Fi units and purchased switches (sorry for the technical jargon) second hand for the customer to save on money so that we could spend where it mattered. Wi-Fi doesn’t have to cost the earth, however I digress…

Once up and running, things changed quickly. Suddenly our customer was able to start using new and more advanced software to automate their processes. Admin tasks became faster and easier for already hard working staff. Residents were able to access the internet on smart TV’s and tablets, as were their family members. This is particularly handy for visiting grandchildren as I’m sure you can imagine.

The above benefits allow real change to happen and believe it or not, Wi-Fi can be an investment and cost saver. Of course there is an outlay upfront but the time saved and improved quality of care given all add up to making huge changes, which in-turn can improve productivity and the financials.

Wi-Fi isn’t just a nice to have, it can transform any business with the right plan. I’ve seen this first hand on many occasions. Even if you have existing Wi-Fi, ask yourself, is this fit for purpose? Am I really getting all the benefits? Upgrading your existing system can be as simple as adding a few cables here and there and using more modern access points (sorry, technical jargon again).

If this has peaked your interest, or you are thinking about Wi-Fi in your care home, let us know. We offer free advice, free mini-surveys and quotes, as well as full and in depth surveys of your whole networking system. Contact us today for a chat on the below address to start your journey…

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