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Ekahau-certified Wi-Fi Site Surveys

If your business is experiencing connectivity issues, it’s likely that your wireless network is at fault. Nortech offer comprehensive wireless site surveys to understand how and why your network is letting you down, before designing a reliable and secure Wi-Fi networking solution that works for you.

Our professional, fully certified wireless survey engineers use market-leading Ekahau technology to identify and resolve any on-site issues with reach, capacity or security. We then design and implement a tailor-made Wi-Fi cabling network that takes your specific business requirements into account, for maximum coverage and performance.

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WiFi Site Survey | Fully Certified Ekahau Wireless Survey Engineers
WiFi Site Survey | Fully Certified Ekahau Wireless Survey Engineers

Why Ekahau?

Fast and effective, Ekahau site surveys are recognised industry-wide as the leading technology for achieving wireless network efficiency at enterprise level.

Collecting information about your business environment, Ekahau Wi-Fi surveys use radio frequency data and portable spectrum analysis to accurately pinpoint where your wireless access points should be installed for best performance. Creating precise floorplans, they allow any specific needs or problems to be addressed upfront.

Also ideal for zone planning, Ekahau surveys provide full transparency. They reveal any inactive zones or areas for potential interference on your premises, before any equipment or wireless cable installation work takes place.

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