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The need for networked security systems is growing and security technology has developed into sophisticated and more functional tools. In addition, security equipment is now affordable for a wider range of businesses, organisations, educational establishment and individuals.

Perhaps you want a surveillance and security system to act as a deterrent to criminals, or need a covert solution for recording evidence (and giving you a far greater chance of securing a conviction). Maybe you need to control and restrict access. Whatever your requirements, the equipment we supply, fit and maintain offers peace of mind and a whole lot more. We supply high-quality products from leading manufacturers such as Axis, LILIN, Mobotix and Hikvision.

Security Systems| Networked Security Products| Security Equipment
Security Systems| Networked Security Products| Security Equipment

The Latest Surveillance and Security Equipment

Nortech Network Services supplies, installs and maintains security equipment such as IP CCTV systems, including cameras and digital video recorders and we can help you select it at the best price to meet your needs. We also offer installation and maintenance contracts. The development of IP-based cameras has created a product that turns images and audio into data that can be transmitted across a local or wide area network (or internet) to a central monitoring location. From here, it can be recorded, viewed, managed, stored and turned into valuable information.

IP CCTV cameras offer better performance. The way in which they work (converting images into data) offers higher definition and greater bandwidth optimisation. This allows operators to zoom in on detail (even the smallest, like distinctive logos on clothes) without losing definition. It also enables one camera to cover a much wider area and this helps to keep costs down as fewer cameras are needed. These cameras are also easier and less disruptive to install as they do not require proprietary cabling or networking.

IP CCTV systems run over existing networks and because they run on the same system as other IP-based equipment, such as access control and videophones, they can be tightly integrated to offer a more holistic approach and seamless security system. Our staff and engineers are fully experienced in security so can advise on the best devices to go for and the position to place them in. We can also ensure you stay within the law while protecting your own interests. We cater for many different security needs – from single camera, analogue cameras (suitable for small retail outlets) to multi-site, IP systems that are supplied with remote viewing capability (accessed via smartphones, tablets or PCs from anywhere) and motion detection.

Door Entry and Access Control systems

There are a number of reasons why public and private sector businesses and organisations need to restrict and/or monitor access to premises, locations or certain areas within buildings. Data centres, for example, may have a requirement to limit and monitor access to sensitive server areas where customer data and equipment is installed. Hospitals too need to restrict and monitor access to certain critical areas to protect staff, patients, visitors and places where specialist, sensitive or dangerous equipment is located.

Access control systems comprise a range of products and services such as biometric scanners, locks, video surveillance, information management software, systems integration, support, maintenance, system design and consultancy. Biometric security is a mechanism by which authentication is provided based on physical characteristic of an individual (retina display, fingerprint, voice, hand patterns or facial recognition). We supply, install and maintain equipment that meets our standards of quality and performance. This includes biometric readers which also allow business owners to control access in terms of time, individual, group or area without the need for keypad systems, door entry cards or key fobs.

Security Systems| Networked Security Products| Security Equipment

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