What are Ekahau site surveys and how can they help your business?

What are Ekahau site surveys and how can they help your business?

Fail to plan, plan to fail. A simple, timeless concept that business owners around the world recognise. But in the digital-first world, Wi-Fi woes in the workplace are more common than you think. Whether it’s connectivity issues, network capacity overload, or even cybersecurity threats, things can easily slip through the cracks of a poorly planned wireless network. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Ekahau site surveys.

What is an Ekahau Wi-Fi survey?

Recognised as market-leading wireless survey technology, an Ekahau site survey is the best way to test your site beforehand, to guarantee a high-performing wireless network on installation. Conducted by a qualified Ekahau survey engineer, this detailed wireless site survey helps you to plan your Wi-Fi network to ensure it meets your specific requirements, troubleshooting any potential issues before implementation. Essentially, it checks that your Wi-Fi network design will work in practice. Not only does this optimise performance, security and connectivity, but it also achieves cost savings in the process as you only invest in the equipment and services you need.

If you have an existing network in place, but frequently experience issues with reach or managing a high volume of users, an Ekahau wireless site survey can identify where the problems lie and provide cost-effective business solutions. It could be as simple as re-routing your wireless access points (APs) to areas with stronger connectivity, which a certified Ekahau engineer can help you with.

How do Ekahau site surveys work?

A survey engineer will arrange a suitable time to visit your site, office or business location to carry out a full assessment. The Ekahau Wi-Fi site survey aims to:

  • Identify the best (and worst) places to implement wireless APs
  • Resolve prospective issues
  • Optimise Wi-Fi coverage, performance and security

Ekahau’s portable spectrum analysis assesses radio frequency to determine areas where weak signals, interference from other sources, or physical obstructions such as walls, columns or furniture may block signals and hinder performance. It can also pinpoint ‘dead zones’ without any reach at all. Using the data for effective zone planning, you can avoid poor connectivity later down the line.

Why you need an Ekahau Wi-Fi survey

Unlike other site surveys, Ekahau is recognised industry-wide as the market-leading technology for achieving wireless network efficiency at enterprise level. Fast and effective, Ekahau site surveys are ideal for businesses or organisations with a high volume of network users.

By implementing wireless APs in the best possible locations with strong signal, you ensure maximum coverage and optimum user experience across your site. The survey also takes power sources and cabling into consideration, to provide a complete, tailored wireless floor plan solution for your site, ready for installation. These detailed plans are especially useful for new buildings or sites where a wireless network connection has not yet been implemented, as you can make accurate predictions to secure performance while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

How can I book an Ekahau site survey?

Nortech offer full wireless site surveys, with Ekahau-certified engineers you can trust. Contact us today for a free quote and to book your on-site survey.

Telephone: 01604 259467
Email: sales@nortechservices.co.uk

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