The Top 5 Things That Can Impact Your WiFi Connection Quality

The Top 5 Things That Can Impact Your WiFi Connection Quality

Experiencing slow wireless speed or poor WiFi connection in the workplace? It’s easy to take speedy internet for granted these days, so when your network is under-performing, it can be frustrating. There are plenty of reasons that your wireless network could be under-performing, but you don’t need to put up with an inconsistent connection! Through proper WiFi installation, these concerns can be a thing of the past.

Here are some the things that can impact your WiFi connection:

  1. Physical Obstructions

As simple as it seems, physical factors such as walls can negatively impact your WiFi connectivity by blocking the signal & preventing your WiFi from performing at optimum level. Certain materials can even have a bigger impact than others. For example, concrete and metal (while fashionable in modern, industrial offices) are big culprits. While concrete walls can simply be too thick to allow the signal through, metal can absorb the electromagnetic waves.

There are a surprising number of potential physical obstructions to your WiFi signal that you should keep in mind when setting up your network – even bodies of water can cause interference (so think twice before installing a giant office fish tank…)

  1. Other Electronic Devices

Other devices can easily interfere with your WiFi network, especially those that run on the same frequency. This can include smaller cordless devices such as phones, or appliances such as microwaves & fridges. But a business can’t function without all the necessary devices (of which there are many), so don’t go emptying the office kitchen just yet.

With a more thorough network installation, you may find there to be a location for your router with less device interference.

  1. Distance & Access Point Location

Being too far away from your Access Point is a common cause of WiFi connection troubles, which is especially the case in larger business premises. The further away you get from the Access Point, the more the signal can drop. Access Point positioning is everything when expecting a speedy internet connection. When installing your WiFi network, be sure to factor in your distance as well as the above factors of physical obstructions & electronic devices – all these things can help you decide where to best place your Access Point for optimum performance.

  1. Old Equipment or Access Point

Is your equipment a little dated? This could the reason behind your wobbling WiFi signal. Think of it a bit like when your phone slows down the longer you have it – it’s a similar concept when it comes to your choice of wireless Access Point or office equipment (computers and laptops included). Granted, these things will last much longer than a mobile phone, but if you’ve been using the same equipment for a long time and you start to experience slow internet connection, it may be time for an upgrade.

  1. Bandwidth Overuse

Are you working in a busy office? Is your team expanding? The more people trying to connect to your wireless network, the higher bandwidth you’ll need. This is because more people connecting leads to more data needing to be transferred, and your bandwidth will need to be sufficient enough to cover this. If your company is large or growing, you may want to investigate your bandwidth requirements and if they’re being met.

So, how can these things be remedied or avoided?

A WiFi Site Survey identifies these issues and finds solutions, allowing you to have a thoroughly mapped out network installation that you know will perform in your office space.

Nortech offer full wireless site surveys, with Ekahau-certified engineers, along with professional & thorough wireless network installation services. Contact us today for a free quote and to book your on-site survey.

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