Planning A Cable Installation?

Planning A Cable Installation?

Where’s the starting point when planning a cable management installation? Your first priority should be to examine the area where the work is going to be done and figure out what’s needed from its cable management installation. It may seem as if cable management considerations would stay consistent across projects, but really, areas such as schools, hospitals, and corporate buildings all have very different requirements. Think about the person/people who will occupy the premises and what needs they may have.

For example, office environments are likely to have a high demand for data outlets, so that they can support the PC’s, laptops, printers, screens and other technology which is used on a daily basis, this means that they will need more cables to service them. This example illustrated how cable capacity and associated bend radii to support structured cabling compliance can become critical to any cable management specification.

After the parameters have been taking into consideration, there will be a clearer understanding of what product solution is needed, with products such as multi-compartment wall trunking and conduits for local distribution all representing a popular option.

So, what is Nortech’s biggest piece of cable management advice?

If you opt-in for the cheapest option to bring down project costs, you will be worse off in the long run… don’t skimp! Products that are cheaper will be of lower quality and offer a less flexible solution. It is important that you choose a company such as Nortech who look beyond price and recommend the best product for the job. Cable management products that have been engineered for ease and speed of installation can dramatically improve turnaround time, which enables engineers to complete the job at hand quickly and efficiently so that they are able to move onto the next.

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Planning A Cable Installation | Flexible Network Support | Northampton
Planning A Cable Installation

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