3 Reasons Why A WiFi Survey Is Essential When Moving Office

3 Reasons Why A WiFi Survey Is Essential When Moving Office

Moving office? A change in location can have a huge impact on the speed and connectivity of your wireless network, so don’t leave your WiFi installation until the last minute.

The overall goal when relocating to a new office is to do so as smoothly as possible, with minimal impact to the operation of the business. But this can’t be achieved without planning your WiFi ahead of time. A WiFi site survey helps you avoid connectivity chaos by detecting any potential on-site issues or interference sources. This is extremely beneficial for any company moving to a new premises, as your business’s network needs will be changing, and a wireless survey ensures optimum WiFi performance.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why a WiFi survey is essential for your office move:

  1. Meeting the needs of growth & expansion

One of the main reasons for needing a change in office is expansion. As your business grows, the number of staff members will grow with it, until you’re eventually in need of more space. But this means even more consideration for your wireless network needs.

The more people needing connect to your WiFi, the higher your bandwidth requirements. So, if you’re relocating the business due to a fast-expanding team, you’ll want to ensure your bandwidth is sufficient, along with plenty of access points throughout the premises. A WiFi site survey will take all of this into account.

  1. Factoring in your new office layout & physical factors

With a new office comes a new floorplan, which means working your WiFi network around new physical obstructions. These obstructions can come in the form of walls, doors and even windows. If any of these physical factors are situated between access points, it could affect your signal strength and lead to more wireless connectivity struggles.

Our WiFi surveys will thoroughly assess the layout of your premises and factor in all potential physical obstructions that could cause connection problems.

  1. Detecting new interference sources

Interference to your wireless connection can be caused by many different factors. For example, other office appliances, neighbouring WiFi networks, co-channel interference (when two APs within a network are on the same channel) and other external factors. Of course, when moving offices, you’ll be facing all new interference sources.

These interferences can’t necessarily be changed, but they can be detected in a site survey. Your network can then be worked around them by placing your APs in the best locations to avoid these interferences, giving you the best possible WiFi performance.

There are so many common WiFi struggles that can be avoided by scheduling a wireless survey. Our wireless site surveys use market-leading technology, Ekahau, to guarantee high-performing wireless network installation with a certified engineer you can trust.


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