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Fibre-Optic: What Will It Bring To Your Business?

Fibre-optic is now commonly used for installations that require the fastest speeds, especially with most offices being 'fibre-ready' to prevent network slowdowns. With the increase in popularity, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you what fibre will bring to your business, and why you should be considering a fibre-optic installation.

1. Reliability - Fibre-optic cables don't suffer from the types of problems you get with copper cabling. They offer higher protection from electrical or human interference. Unlike copper cabling, fibre-optic reaches a wider area. For example, with copper cabling, the further away you move away from the switch, the worse your signal will be. However, fibre signals don't degrade as fast over longer distances. This is an advantage to larger businesses who have a large workspace which relies on a fast connection.

2. Security - For any business, security is the highest priority, due to the high volume of data sharing. Fibre-optic cables are designed to alert you if they have been compromised. Unlike copper cabling, fibre cables are hard to tap. To gain access you need to cut the cables, if this does happen however, the whole system will fail instantly.

3. Bandwidth - This is a topic talked about the most. Fibre-optic cables offer high bandwidth, without reducing the speed or high-demand features. This differs when talking about traditional network connections, as businesses often hit a data transmission cap.

4. Cost-Effective - In the long run, you will find that a fibre-optic installation will cost less and be of more benefit to your business. Businesses lose thousands of pounds each year because of unreliable and low networks. Fibre also allows you to grow your business without the worry of your network slowing down. Finally, a fibre-optic installation will require less overall maintenance than a copper cable installation, meaning that you can focus on the important factors of your business.

Aside from the cost, businesses which don't have fibre-optic installations find that their employees cannot be as productive due to the speed of their network. If your business needs a performance boost, switch to fibre with Nortech. For more information, give us a call on 01604 259467 or email us by clicking here.