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Keeping Pupils Engaged

It is now safe to say that the days are gone where chalkboards and powdered erasers are used in classrooms. Instead, teachers are trying new technology such as interactive displays to capture their students' learning, allowing them to become more involved and eager to learn. Interactive whiteboards have been around for some time, and now many schools are making the transition to the new shiny LED interactive screens.

So, what are the benefits of using interactive screens in the classroom and should your school be using them?

Without a doubt, interactive screens make learning fun! The bright colours, photos and interactive elements make students' curious and eager to get involved. The fun isn't all for the students either. Teachers love the slim framed design, being able to show off their presentations in full HD, easily taking notes directly on the screen. As a bonus, many interactive screens come with many apps pre-installed such as PowerPoint, notes, internet, files and mail, all of these can be used without the need of a PC.

Interactive displays engage students' learning. Your teachers will be able to give them professional, interactive presentations, meaning that all students can participate in activities and demonstrate their skills to their fellow classmates. In addition to this, multiple students can take part at once due to the multi-point touch built in with the screens, allowing everyone to work together to solve problems.

Despite what you think, interactive screens are easy to use. If your classroom has WiFi, you can wirelessly connect your laptop, mobile or tablet up to the screen to display your presentations, files, images and more. This is especially useful if the teachers move between classrooms as they can be up and running in seconds. If the WiFi does fail then don't worry, you can still access your files by connecting your device to the screen using the appropriate cable.

Should your school have interactive displays? The answer is YES! From the points above, why wouldn't you want to have them installed? Investing in these screens will ensure that your students receive the best education and at the same time, keep the teachers happy too! To find out more information on how Nortech can help your school by supplying and installing these screens, give us a call on 01604 259467 or email us by clicking here.