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The Power to Deliver

What’s better than power sockets under a desk? Power sockets on a desk!

Aren’t you tired and frustrated by the effort that’s required to climb under the desk to plug your laptop charger in, and then moments later when you are comfortable and have begun your work you realise your mobile needs a boost too, so you then have to climb back under the desk to plug your phone charger in! Wouldn’t life be much more enjoyable if this stress and hassle was simply taken away??

It’s now 2pm, your stress levels have risen as you want to go home. You’re sat at your desk worrying about what the traffic is going to be like when you leave or what you are going to eat for dinner. Suddenly, BAM! You need to charge your iPad. Back you go underneath your desk for the third time. You go to get back up and whilst doing so you smack your head against the top of your desk… ouch! You sit there cursing everything, you even take your anger out on your pen as you slam it down next to you. The frustration rises further. What are you going to do? You know that you’re going to have to unplug all of these chargers at the end of the day and do the same again tomorrow.

Look no further! Gone are the days when you have to allow this anger to take control and sit at your desk with a wallop of a bruise on your head. Treat yourself to a desktop power unit. This genius idea will offer you a unit that has 4 power sockets as well as 2 USB charging ports and the ability to house 4 data outlets all in one unit, making the process of acquiring the desired access to power and data easy peasy. Desktop power units have the power to not just offer electricity, but comfort in the workplace. It has the power to deliver. Contact Nortech today, so that we can provide you with a power solution that has no stress at all! Call us on 01604 259467 or email us by clicking here.