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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Running Network Cable

Network performance can be destroyed by improperly installed cabling. Creating maintenance headaches, and result in hidden costs. Read on to see where things can go wrong! Network cabling can be a finicky thing. There was a day when people without appropriate knowledge and training were tasked with running cable by virtue of their other responsibilities. For example, telephone techs and electricians used to be tapped because they were cabling people. However, while telephone cables can sometimes tolerate quite a lot of error, data cabling is less forgiving. I’m focusing here on twisted pair cabling, not fibre. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when you’re installing network cable: 

1 - Not planning for the future
2 – Using different cabling for voice and data
3 – Not using cable management
4 – Running cable perpendicular with electric cables
5 – Running cable near “noisy” devices and fixtures
6 – Not minding distance limitations… to a point
7 – Not following laws/codes/ordinances
8 – Not testing your cabling infrastructure
9 – Not following standards
10 – Not running a cable when you need one

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