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Why WiFi Is Important For Your Stadium Or Arena

When people go to sports matches or watch a concert, they want to be able to take pictures, film a spectacular moment, brag about where they are or rant about how they have been forced to go by someone else. That hasn’t changed over the last decade. What has changed over time is that people now want to be able to post this online while they are there. When stadiums and arenas offer WIFI, they’re reaping benefits like customer satisfaction, improved quality of services and more. Let’s discuss. According to a recent survey, free stadium/arena-wide WIFI is the third most likely factor to improve a customers experience.

When you offer WIFI in your stadium/arena, you can improve engagement and customer satisfaction by allowing:

Social Sharing
A Branded User Experience to Boost Awareness Targeted Messages
Opportunities for Feedback
Access to Vital Customer Analytics

At Nortech, we have completed wireless networking jobs for many stadiums and arenas. If you would like to find out more information, click here. You can also contact us today - Tel: 01604 259467 or email us, we would love to help.