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Is WiFi Your Weakest Link?

Imagine you’d spent a fortune making your home physically secure, only to discover you’d been quietly robbed by thieves who never set foot on your property. You thought you’d built a fortress but didn’t notice the gap in the fence that left you wide open to intruders. It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. But it’s also a real-world metaphor for many UK businesses who, despite being increasingly vulnerable, have left the door to cybercrime unwittingly ajar. With IT security now a corporate priority, organisations are investing heavily in sophisticated firewalls that make their systems virtually impenetrable. But many fail to spot the hole in their defences that leaves both the business and its employees dangerously exposed. 

Flawed Wi-Fi practice, along with poor awareness of the tell-tale signs of cyber threats, can gift criminals surreptitious access to commercially sensitive business information. Moreover, it can inadvertently expose workers to the catastrophic risk of identity theft, phishing and other cyber scams. A high percentage of businesses believe that expansive security infrastructure makes them immune to the threat. However, many don’t realise that their Wi-Fi can negate their efforts to safeguard assets.

If you think it cannot happen in your workplace, think again. It can. But with the right organisational awareness and simple technology, it can easily be prevented. This is where Nortech come in, we offer the best support solutions for all types of businesses. 'Click Here' to find out more!