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The Benefits of IP CCTV

The number of IP CCTV system installations is multiplying at great speed due to the many advantages over legacy analog systems.

IP CCTV systems offer a flexible and easily scalable solution, allowing the user to install a CCTV camera wherever you can locate a network cable. These IP CCTV cameras can be powered using POE injectors or POE switches meaning that no local power is required at the camera, utilising only a category 5e.

By using existing network infrastructure IP Systems can result in reduced costs.

IP based systems also allow you to locate cameras anywhere on your network meaning they can now get coverage of remote areas.

Remote control of pan, tilt and zoom functions can be used without the need of a local power source because of the use of POE. Centralised secure storage of images is beneficial through NVR’s.

Any staff that you allow can view images from any location on the internet, as long as they have the appropriate user ID and password. This results in CCTV analysis being much more quick and efficient.

IP CCTV makes use of new High Definition cameras which can provide improved image quality.

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