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Wireless Networking

Affordable Wireless Networks that Deliver Coverage, Security and Reliability

Nortech has many years of experience carrying out and supporting wireless installations in education, healthcare, leisure, business, industrial and government sectors.

We work with a number of suppliers whose products we know and trust. This arrangement enables us to be vendor independent allowing us to carefully and judiciously select products/systems and tailor a solution specifically for our customers. It also means we can shop around for the best price.

The 5 Key Elements of a Superior Wireless Network


Wireless Network Survey – The Foundation to a High-Grade Installation

Prior to designing a wireless network or carrying out installation, we undertake a comprehensive survey of your premises, building or facility, incorporating the latest tools and techniques.

Our experts are equipped to carry out active and passive wireless surveys using the latest analysis tools, creating detailed heat maps of your premises.

Wireless Indoor and Outdoor

External point-to-point (P2P) laser links, point-to-multi-point meshed systems – all designed for campus or metropolitan environments - can support data, voice and security transmission.

Wireless Networks

We can seamlessly integrate a high-speed wireless LAN into your existing infrastructure. We offer a range of wireless solutions to suit all different corporate and business needs – including internal WLAN and hotspots.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks can be as secure, if not more so, than wired networks. Our network security service takes into account single network or multiple VLANs that may have different access rights and security levels. We align your network with your security policy - not the other way around.


Bring your own device is becoming more prevalent in both business and education and requires a distinct security strategy all of its own. We are skilled and proficient in dealing with these security issues and in making your environment a secure, flexible and productive one in which to work or learn.

Upon completion of all works, we perform another survey of the wireless site itself. We check that the results match requirements, that the design is suitable for your needs and that any problems are eradicated immediately.

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