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Touch screen technology in school

As the cost of LCD screens with touch screen capability drop, it has become much more feasible to consider this technology in the educational environment, particularly as replacement to ageing Interactive whiteboard and projectors.

Whilst Interactive Whiteboards and interactive projectors and boards have their place the advantages of touchscreen technology has become much more worthy of consideration.

Firstly there is only one piece of hardware with simpler connectivity. There is no replacement of consumables such as lamps or filters and are cheaper to run and maintain.

There is also a stable image with high resolution and no calibration needed, no shadow or blinding light. They are more manoeuvrable and can be transported on a trolley. Most children these days have had experience of tablets and smartphones so the technology is intuitive to them.

Files used on other software platforms can be used and there is often no renewals for software licencing.

Whether it is the upgrade of old equipment, an installation in a new extension or initial demonstration. Nortech Network Services can help provide the right audio visual solution for your school.