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Why IP Surveillance Cameras?

IP surveillance systems have a multitude of benefits over legacy closed circuit systems. Recent developments mean that systems can be tailored to your every need.

IP surveillance systems transmit over the Internet or existing/new networks, without the need to install other software or add additional costly monitoring equipment. Sound and data are transmitted over a network connection meaning no need for separate audio cables. Audio can be transmitted and recorded enhancing surveillance.

IP surveillance networks offer huge capacity meaning a vast number of cameras can be installed, providing they have network connectivity. Additional cameras can be added to the system with ease as and when required without drastic hardware changes, making an IP system much more cost effective for the long term.

IP Cameras can be accessed remotely, due to their networked status. This capability allows users to login and view recorded video at any time and from any location with network/Wi-Fi access using tablets, mobiles or computers. Remote access is particularly desirable for a third-party for security monitoring and personal access for a home or property when nobody is on site.

Digital IP cameras provide clear images for real-time viewing and recording. The high resolution images are recorded in digital format and provide a far superior picture quality than cameras currently available on legacy analogue systems making identification and surveillance effortless. Recorded and real-time data can be reviewed from any location with speed and efficiency.

Advanced system analytics, utilising commands such as motion detection, audio detection, tampering alarms, and event management are amongst several features now available, which were not possible with legacy solutions. The intelligent system is beneficial to the user, data can be recorded and then organised by camera, location, date or even event type.

An organised digital system can be easily integrated with other systems with Ethernet or Wi-Fi network connectivity. This can include, but is not limited to security, access control, Auto Number Plate Recognition and Electronic Point of Sale.

IP cameras offer a more cost effective solution than the traditional closed circuit systems. Almost all businesses and homes have a network in place, which enable the installation of IP cameras. Single cameras can be purchased, meaning IP CCTV network expansion is always up to date and performed with ease and efficiency.

Most IP cameras have the ability to operate over the network negating the need for a power supply. Power of Ethernet, or PoE is provided by the network switch over the Ethernet cable, meaning additional power sockets are not required.