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Why WiFi Isnít The End Game Ė The Importance of Cabling Correctly

Sit in the cafť-bar at any computer show and before long the stories will come out about how end users donít understand how things work, often with comical results. While some are genuinely amusing, I often find myself thinking that others are quite understandable if you donít work in the industry. After all for most users, the point of their IT is to make their jobs and lives easier. Expecting him or her to understand how the technology works is as unfair as asking every motorist to be a mechanic.

So, in part at least, this article is about trying to explain something import that there is no reason for any end user to have even considered before.

Put your hand up if you are excited now! Nobody? Oh, OK. Well trust me and read on because, if you are considering a working and stable high-speed network then the cabling infrastructure is vital. We have become invested in WiFi technologies in recent years. The expectation we have of our system is that we will be able to roam. Bring your own device (BYOD) is common in the workplace and education environment, and we expect a casual wireless hookup every time we sit down for a coffee.

However, all of this relies on the correct implementation of structured cabling. What that means practically is that your cabling system may not be visible but it is the lifeblood of your network. In fact, that is a good analogy Ė think of it as a combination of the veins and nervous system of your body. It is the cabling that carries the information that you use; the WiFi is simply a delivery system.

So now consider how this can affect your network environment. One thing is for certain, and that is that your requirements for speed, stability and expansion are not likely to shrink in the next ten years. Your cabling infrastructure, therefore, needs careful planning and implementation to ensure that youíre currently able to deal with the bandwidth and load demands of your system and also be able to handle your potential increased needs. If you have ever moved from accessing the internet via a fibre optic enabled system to one using the old BT wiring based network you will have experienced how important an up to date cabling infrastructure is.

Bad cabling will, to put it bluntly, slow down that expensive network you are installing to a crawl. It may even result in it becoming unstable and crashing entirely.

So while it may not be the most glamorous side to the IT infrastructure of your network, it is as (if not more) important than the rest of the network.

This is why we have made it our business here at Nortech to be experts in future-proofing our installations. Making sure that we cover not just the front end, but also have a very clear and structured approach to the wiring infrastructure that keeps it all running.

In the end, the structure of your cabling ensures that your connectivity is sound and appropriate. With that comes the file sharing, communication, data transfer and all the other functions that increase collaboration for the team and ultimately efficiency and productivity.