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 Welcome to Wave 2 Wireless


Xirrus has introduced the new Wave 2 802.11ac solutions to the marketplace. “Wave 2” is the industry term for the latest, greatest Wi-Fi technology. And 2015 is the year Wave 2 begins its arrival into the enterprise, representing the seventh generation of Wi-Fi to be released since the first standard (802.11) was established... Read More



Why WiFi Isn’t The End Game – The Importance of Cabling Correctly.



Sit in the café-bar at any computer show and before long the stories will come out about how end users don’t understand how things work, often with comical results. While some are genuinely amusing, I often find myself thinking that others are quite understandable if you don’t work in the industry. After all for most users, the point of their IT is to make their jobs and lives easier. Expecting him or her to understand how the technology works is as unfair as asking every motorist to be a mechanic.

So, in part at least, this article is about trying to explain something import that there is no reason for any end user to have even considered before.

This is an article about cabling...Read more


Judy and Elroy's BYOD adventure – Why WiFi in education is a hot topic



While I was distracted by the internet the other day, I came across an old T.V. show from the 60’s called The Jetsons. Guilty pleasure perhaps but I rather enjoyed the cartoon antics of the family. What struck me most though was the way it portrayed the school of the future - because it was almost entirely wrong. Judy Jetson and little Elroy Jetson were taken to their respective floating sky schools in a flying car ... Read more



Why IP Surveillance Cameras?

IP surveillance systems have a multitude of benefits over legacy closed circuit systems. Recent developments mean that systems can be tailored to your every need.

IP surveillance systems transmit over the Internet or existing/new networks, without the need to install other software or add additional costly monitoring equipment. Sound and data are transmitted over a network connection meaning no need for separate audio cables... Read more


Touch screen technology in school


As the cost of LCD screens with touch screen capability drop, it has become much more feasible to consider this technology in the educational environment, particularly as replacement to ageing Interactive whiteboard and projectors.

Whilst Interactive Whiteboards and interactive projectors and boards have their place the advantages of touchscreen technology has become much more worthy of consideration... Read more




We understand and fully appreciate just how important networking technology, products and services are to our customers these days. Most of them wouldn’t be able to operate without them. Networking increases productivity through greater connectivity, file sharing, remote printing, communication and team collaboration.

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