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Affordable & Flexible IT & Network Support.

Nortech - your virtual IT director!

Most businesses these days cannot afford to employ a fulltime IT director – nor do they need to because their requirements for IT support, IT services, managed services (remote monitoring/management) and technical support are insufficient for a senior-level, fulltime operative.

Our range of support services can be designed flexibly to meet the needs of every client – whether you’re a campus with wireless equipment that needs to be regularly maintained or a business with complex networks, our team of engineers will ensure our tailored support packages keep your networks and IT systems up and running and your business online.

We offer a level of flexibility unavailable anywhere else.

We can provide bespoke maintenance contracts that even cover equipment not supplied by us.

We are experts in dealing with MAC (moves, adds and changes).


Maintaining IT equipment and networks in the best condition possible.

It’s been proven time and again that it’s a false economy not to properly maintain equipment. Poorly maintained, it is more likely to break down or malfunction than products that are regularly checked and serviced.

Maintenance can often prevent breakdown by flagging up an issue that is likely to cause problems in the future. It can then be fixed, replaced or worked around before disaster strikes. Even something as simple as a dead bulb in a projector can ruin a business presentation (and possibly cost a sale) if a spare is not to hand. Regular maintenance will ensure scenarios like this can be avoided.

Regular maintenance will also prolong the life of equipment and thus help lower total cost of ownership.

From straightforward telephone support to full blown remote network monitoring and management, our support contracts have got you covered and can be tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Alongside being experienced, our service managers are professional, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. They ensure service level agreements are met and tailored to deliver what you need.

Our support also goes above and beyond installation sign off and project completion.

We also provide a range of managed services.

If you would like to chat informally to someone about setting up an IT or network support contract (or both) or would like one of our sales engineers to call you, get in touch email: sales@nortechservices.co.uk, call: 01604 259467 or fill in our contact form.

We understand and fully appreciate just how important networking technology, products and services are to our customers these days. Most of them wouldn’t be able to operate without them. Networking increases productivity through greater connectivity, file sharing, remote printing, communication and team collaboration.

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